Oreo Ice Box Cake


Cream and Graham Base:

  • 740 ml All purpose cream (chilled overnight)
  • 300 ml condensed milk (chilled overnight)
  • 20 grahams chocolate single pack
  • 10 g gelatin clear and unflavored
  • 1/8 cup hot water

Toppings and Fillings:

  • 1 cup Oreo cookies and cream (add more if needed)
  • 1 cup chocolate syrup (add more if needed),optional
  • 1 cup mini Oreo original (add more if needed)


Cream and Graham:

  1. Crush oreo and set aside
  2. Whip all purpose cream for 5 min. on high speed
  3. Dissolve gelatin. * do not mix hot gelatin into the cream
  4. Gradually add the condensed milk and add the dissolve gelatin
  5. Fold crushed oreo into the cream


  1. Arrange grahams into the container
  2. spread cream mixture evenly
  3. Optional: add second layer of grahams
  4. Spread another layer of cream mixture
  5. Add toppings. *note: chill float before adding the toppings
  6. Chill for 4-6 hour or Overnight
  7. Best served Cold