Mango Float

Mango Float Recipe

Mango Float or Mango Graham Ref Cake is a common dessert in our country nowadays. It is really simple, quick, and even fun to make.

I remember making my first Mango Float when I was a little kid. I was so excited that I would often open the freezer to check if it was already hard enough. 😀

Why not make your own today and we this easy recipe, you’ll have the perfect tasting Mango Float in no time!

Mango Float Recipe

Mango Float Recipe

Course Dessert
Cuisine Global


  • 2 packs (200 g) Graham crackers
  • 3 pcs Ripe medium-sized mangoes slice into strips
  • 2 packs (250 ml) All-purpose cream chilled overnight
  • 1 can (380 g) Condensed milk


  • In a bowl, beat using hand mixer 2 packs (250 ml) all-purpose cream (chilled overnight) in high speed.
  • When it double its size add condensed milk and beat until well combined. Set aside or let it chill in the ref until ready to use.
  • Arrange graham crackers in a deep container. Fill gaps with bits and pieces of graham crackers.
  • Put cream on top of graham and spread evenly. Add strips of mangoes on top of the cream.
  • Add another layer of graham crackers, spread cream on top of graham and strips of mangoes on top of cream.
  • Repeat process until you reach desired number of layers. I made 4 layers of graham crackers, cream, and mangoes on this recipe.
  • Cover and chill in the refrigerator overnight to let the graham soak in the cream. The result is a cake-like texture and cream is so smooth and creamy.

Image: (Sarapchannel)

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