Dessert Recipes

Steamed Chocolate Cake Recipe

Steamed Chocolate Cake

Craving for chocolate cake but you don’t have an oven (or unsure of your baking skills) Not to worry! We’ve got the perfect recipe for you! Now you can enjoy making (and of course eating) the classic chocolate cake like it’s child’s play. Learn this easy recipe and you’ll be having this delish cake in …

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Coffee Jelly Flan Recipe

Coffee Jelly Flan

I have coffee jelly. I have jelly flan. Oooh! Coffee jelly Flan! Yup, this is two of our favorite desserts combined into one! You may think it’s complicated to make, but really, it’s very easy! Learn how to make this with this recipe! Image: Please share this recipe! 🙂

No Bake Oreo Balls Recipe

No-Bake Oreo Balls

It’s amazing how Oreo cookies became a versatile ingredient when it comes to making different desserts! And even though these cookies are good enough in itself, we still encourage you to explore different creations such as Oreo Cakes and Oreo Balls. This Oreo Balls recipe is super easy, in fact, you won’t even have to …

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Mango Float Recipe

Mango Float

Mango Float or Mango Graham Ref Cake is a common dessert in our country nowadays. It is really simple, quick, and even fun to make. I remember making my first Mango Float when I was a little kid. I was so excited that I would often open the freezer to check if it was already …

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No-Bake Pinoy Brownies

Do you want to make these fudgy, chewy, chocolatey brownies but you don’t have an oven at home? No problem! Now you can make this munchies anytime you want to! Learn how to achieve the right mixture that’s perfect for the Filipino taste with this recipe! Image: (Sarapchannel) Please share this recipe! 🙂

No Bake Oreo Dessert Recipe

No-Bake Oreo Dessert

There are a lot of ways to enjoy Oreos other than splitting, licking, and dunking them in milk. Like, for instance, turning it into an easy dessert cake (no oven needed!). This recipe is so easy to do and there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t make them the next time you get your …

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Pinoy Hotcake Recipe

Pinoy Hotcake

Pancakes or hotcakes are one of our favorite breakfast food. It comes in a variety of flavors and syrups like chocolate and blueberry pancakes. Filipinos are no exception when it comes to making their own unique style of serving pancakes. You’d often see Pinoy-style hotcakes sold by street vendors or in carinderias. If you’re into …

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